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    MK 1

    Hannu Leidén: Vocals, piano, bass
    Sami Sarhamaa: Keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
    Jukka Tikander: Lead guitar
    Jouni Ullakko: Bass, backing vocals, synths
    Pekka Viherlaakso: Drums, backing vocals

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    MK 2

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    Hannu Leidén: Vocals, piano
    Jyrki Rahkonen: Bass, backing vocals
    Sami Sarhamaa: Keyboards, backing vocals
    Mikko Terhiä: Drums
    Jukka Tikander: Lead guitar


    Ismo Piipponen: Drums, percussion
    Sasu Moilanen: Drums
    Tomi Laaksonen: Drums
    Hannu Tornivuori: Guitar
    Markku Palm: Piano, guitar, bvoc

    Chapter One

    Sami Sarhamaa and Hannu Leidén discussed their aspirations and dreams while still in the AOR tinged Leroy. They both seemed to want more than what they had at the moment. After some pondering they decided to quit Leroy in July 1982 and form a new band. Jouni Ullakko and Jukka Tikander were asked to join as the bassist and guitarist respectively. After some hits & misses, Pekka Viherlaakso was found to be the right drummer for the combo. The music was to be more expansive and varied, so Sami switched to keyboards and Jouni pretty soon followed suit adding bass pedals and polysynth to his arsenal.

    After an intensive period of rehearsal, demos and performances, Chapter One parked themselves at Birdland, later Subway Studio with engineers Make Törrönen and Sepi Myllyrinne. During 1983 they managed to basically make an album, which unfortunately didn’t get released at the time. The record, named “ONE”, was posthumously released in 2014.

    In 1984 Chapter One played more gigs, had some personnel issues as the guys had to go to the army and was placed second in the Finnish National Championships for Rock Bands. As almost a rule with bands, there was a bit of turmoil along the way, the result was Jouni quitting and Pekka sort of vanishing; C1 MkI was over.

    Jyrki Rahkonen and Mikko Terhiä joined a while later and the C1 MkII was born. Pop influences were reduced, the band went for the art. The songs became longer and heavier, from powerful songs like Chapter One and Masks to some harder-to-chew numbers á la Tear in a Waterglass and Home.
    The band still had access to Subway and made quite a few recordings there. Hannu had become quite skilled at recording and was working at Yleisradio as an engineer, so they didn’t need any outsiders as Sami also had done quite a lot of recording at Sibelius Lukio.
    This period produced the material that was released as “TWO” in 2022.

    After gigs @ Knallhatten in Stockholm and Tavastia in Helsinki (April 1985), Jukka decided to leave. The band still limped on with Hannu Tornivuori replacing Jukka, but the end was nigh. The last stretch included a 4 song recording at Yleisradio (Jukka on guitar) and a performance at Vernissa, Velmu’s new headquarters but that was it; Chapter One was over in July 1985. Hannu had already begun to jam with Muddy, Sami was finding his feet as a composer and producer. This period produced the material that was released as “TWO” in 2022.


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    Chapter One: One

    1. Last Letter (Leidén - Sarhamaa ) (5:04)
    2. Father’s Son (Leidén) (4:47)
    3. A View (Inside & out) (Ullakko - Sarhamaa) (4:33)
    4. Our Time (Leidén - Sarhamaa) (5:35)
    5. Odd Arranger (Tikander - Leidén ) (4:47)
    6. Scars (Dream & Reality) (Tikander - Leidén ) (5:33)
    7. Hegemony (Leidén - Ullakko - Sarhamaa - Tikander - Viherlaakso) (5:35)
    8. Before Leaving (Leidén - Ullakko) (4:36)
    9. Morning Dawn (Leidén - Ullakko) (2:23)

    Recorded and mixed at Birdland Studios (Mellunmäki Helsinki) between April and November 1983 by Sepi Myllyrinne and Make Törrönen.

    All arrangements by Chapter One

    Produced by Tommi Liuhala & Chapter One.

    Chapter One was born at the wrong time or at least in the wrong country. Playing prog tinged rock and pop in the dawn of the eighties could have worked in Germany or Holland but certainly not in Finland. But still, it was a journey worth taking.
    Hannu and Sami, while still in Leroy, dreamed of a band that would and could tackle more meaningful subjects. With Jouni and Jukka in tow, the band convened in the basement of Sami’s old school to start its rehearsals. The first drummer, Tomi Laaksonen was not ready yet, second, Ismo Piipponen, didn’t fit in and the third, Sasu Moilanen didn’t want to. The fourth one was the charm: Pekka Viherlaakso. Peku had a nice groove and a light touch that balanced the sometimes heavy and broody sonic landscape.
    Hannu and Jouni were the primary songsmiths, Jukka was the virtuoso (he did compose as well) with Sami providing most of the lyrics. The band played all the gigs it could get and got quite good. Hannu found a producer, Tommi Liuhala, who had his own studio. And so Chapter One parked itself at Birdland, later Subway Studio and during 1983 made this record. While the decades can be heard, this album does not pale in comparison with it’s contemporaries, the strong melodies and musicianship carries it on.

    Chapter One was called progressive rock at the time, but in retrospect prog was but a spice. Ambitious pop or rock could perhaps describe the music more aptly. The players were at an impressionable age and the influences are quite easy to spot: U2 and Saga being the first to spring to mind, but if You listen closely You’ll soon hear the guys themselves as well.
    Hegemony, the proposed first single at the time, was an anthem in the U2 vein, while Last Letter followed the example set by Saga. But as You listen to A View or Scars, the deeper layer is soon revealed. This was to be the agenda in the following years as well: the poppier songs going head to head with the moodier pieces.


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    Chapter One: Two

    1. Chapter One (Leidén-Tikander-Sarhamaa / Sarhamaa) (4:22)
    2. Waiting for a moon (Ullakko-Leidén / Sarhamaa) (4:05)
    3. Masks (Leidén-Tikander-Sarhamaa / Sarhamaa) (6:23)
    4. Pictures (Sarhamaa-Leidén / Sarhamaa) (3:42)
    5. Sliding away (Leidén / Sarhamaa) (3:11)
    6. Tear in a waterglass (Sarhamaa-Leidén / Sarhamaa) (4:16)
    7. Another way (Sarhamaa-Leidén / Sarhamaa) (3:52)
    8. Home (Sarhamaa-Leidén / Sarhamaa) (4:52)
    9. Wait (Leidén / Sarhamaa) (2:25)

    10. Just another role (Ullakko-Leidén / Sarhamaa) (3:32)
    11. Beyond the vision (Ullakko-Leidén / Sarhamaa) (4:08)
    12. Wings of… (Ullakko / Sarhamaa (4:11)
    13. Behind the gaze (Leidén) (5:35)


    Hannu Leidén
    : Lead vocals, piano (9)
    Sami Sarhamaa: Keyboards, guitar (10, 11, 12, 13), bass (13), backing vocals
    Jouni Ullakko: Bass, keyboards (2,5), lead vocals (12), backing vocals (2, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13)
    Jukka Tikander: Guitars (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8), guitar solo (11), guitar theme (12)
    Pekka Viherlaakso: Drums, backing vocals (1, 2, 4, 5)
    Jyrki Rahkonen: Bass, backing vocals (1, 3, 4, 6, 8)
    Mikko Terhiä: Drums (1, 3, 6, 8)
    Teijo Tikkanen: Drums (10, 11, 12, 13), piano (13)


    • Subway Studio, Mellunmäki, Helsinki:
    Chapter One, Masks, Tear in a waterglass, Another way, Wait – 17-18.1.1985.
    Engineer: Make Törrönen, Hannu Leidén, Sami Sarhamaa. Producer: Hannu Leidén, Sami Sarhamaa
    Waiting for a moon, Sliding away – 11.5, 18.5.1984. Engineer: Make Törrönen. Producer: Tommi Liuhala
    Pictures – 24.9.1984. Engineer: Make Törrönen. Producer: Tommi Liuhala

    • Yleisradio M2, Helsinki
    Home – 10.05.1985. Engineer: Hannu Leidén

    • Perfect Sound Studio, Vantaa, T-Sonics, Nurmes.
    • Hannu’s and Jouni’s private studios, Helsinki/Porvoo/Nauvo

    Just another role – 6.7.2014 ->
    Beyond the vision – 15.6.2014 ->
    Wings of - 4.8.2015 ->
    Behind the gaze – 30.8.2015 - 19.9.2015 - 30.12.2015 –>
    Engineered by Sami Sarhamaa, Teijo Tikkanen, Hannu Leidén, Jouni Ullakko.

    Mixed & produced by Sami Sarhamaa.
    Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen, Finnvox Studios
    Cover concept & artwork: Riikka Muikku
    The original Chapter One-logo design by Tuomas Lyly

    Eternal gratitude:

    All musicians, techical staff and other important persons on the road and in the studio:
    Tommi Liuhala, Make Törrönen, Sepi Myllyrinne (RIP), Kati Sarhamaa, Tiina Virolainen, Matti Kervinen, Anttoni Wikström, Tomi Laaksonen, Jari Ullakko, Teijo Tikkanen, Riikka Muikku, Mikko “Morgan” Hyvönen (RIP), Tuomas Lyly, Juha Tamminen, Kari Chydenius, Timo Uuspelto, Liisa Uusitalo & Jukka Kujala.

    Yes, it has been a long journey. First from 1982 to 1985, then from 2014 to 2021. The band was certainly in the right time, but maybe in a wrong country. Our pop infused “prog” owed much to Saga, U2 and Peter Hammill but it also had its own distinct flavour that You can hear from these recordings.

    The first nine songs date back to the 80’s and were the labour of love of Chapter One in it’s various incarnations, mainly it’s the MkII version with Jyrki and Mikko.

    The latter four songs were an idea and a wish to complete the story by recording songs that didn’t get recorded back then. At first my plan was just to remake them 1:1 as they were back in the day but very soon they took a life of their own. After I found the arrangements that felt right and managed to massage the lyrics into a shape that didn’t embarras me too much, I handed the songs to Hannu who gave them the soul they needed. With our partner from Wolf Larsen, Kataya and Liquid Wolf, Teijo Tikkanen, on drums and piano, we had the first three in their bare bones versions quite early on, say in 2016. Then for one reason or another, the project was put to sleep for four years.

    It was during 2020 that I found the recordings again and was motivated enough to kick it into gear once more. Teijo played drums to Beyond the Vision and Just Another Role and I fleshed out the arangements.

    As luck would have it, Jouni reappeared and lent his considerable talent to the project singing background vocals to the songs. On discussing the fourth song, Wings of Amor with him, I proposed that we should finalise it as well. Jouni took his beloved Rickenbacker bass and came around to my place. His bass playing sparked some new ideas and once Teijo had played the drums, I had rewritten the lyrics and dropped the “amor” from the title, the song was ready for vocals and some inspired guitarism. Another old friend came to the rescue: Jukka agreed to sit in and play the theme. While there, he also played an inspired solo to the end of Beyond the Vision. Hannu thought it would be appropriate for the composer to sing the lead vocals as well, so in the end it was Jouni who sang the lead.

    So there you have it, the last chapter in our story. Hope You enjoy it.

    Sami Sarhamaa
    Fall/Winter of 2021


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